summer clothing all year around

Seeing the change in seasons on the catwalk is inspiring, and as much as I love it I can’t particularly afford to follow the trends every couple of months. Fortunately, my love of charity shopping and my non existing disposable income fit beautifully together in the constant change of seasons.

Summer clothing all year around…
Light layers is key in Spring. The days in Spring can be sunny but it still can be windy, therefore, cold. Unlike highstreet stores charity shops, vintage stores, flee markets etc sell clothing from all year around. So next time your shopping, I dare you take a brave step into the British Heart Foundation, forget about the season your dressing for and hunt for any clothing you might like. Let’s show you one way to lightly layer in spring.

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Lydia is wearing long cut sleeve kimono. The label says ‘Hunza’, this is a new brand to me, so when I googled the name I learnt alot. Hunza is an english brand specializing in dresses, which brings me to realise that this ‘kimono’ is actually a wrap dress. A spring kimono, a summer wrap dress. Another Cancer Research find, £1.
I’ve pieced it together with a peach 100% wool roll neck I found in a cancer research for £1. The dog tooth trousers I found in a British Heart Foundation but the label reads ‘Topshop’ urgh. British Heart Foundation is great for highstreet and designer buys, it tends to be a little more money than other charity shop stores, but I still picked up these trousers for £5.95.

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  1. enter any charity shop you like
  2. pick out anything you like
  3. layer it to suit your season

kimono. thrifted – £1
roll neck. thrifted – £1
trousers. thrifted – £5.95


laura blastock, illustration, 17.03.2016

An illustration of Lydia Newman wearing thrifted kimono.
Make-up. Lydia Newman
Photographer. Zoltan Varga
On shoot stylist. Tomasz Kazmierczak


Over a hundred types of jeans, lets wear them all

Skinny fit, boot cut, straight leg, boyfriend, mom jeans, flares the list is endless. Supposedly certain body shapes can’t wear certain types of jeans. Now, I don’t know much about that but I do know that those ‘who say you can’t, are probably scared that you will’, and apparently a scare a day is good for the heart, so basically wear whatever you want.

Over a hundred types of jeans, lets wear them all…
The 70’s saw wide cut flares, 80’s saw the ripped jeans and that acid wash look, 90’s loved the high-waisted cigarette trousers, 00’s was slightly awkward for everyone, and now (2010’s) lets wear it all! And make sure you cover it all in colour, because blue jeans can be so boring.

blog post mom jean 3

blog post mom jean

Lydia is wearing floral printed high-waisted mom style jeans. I picked these up in a charity shop whilst visiting someone in Daventry which I think is somewhere in Northampton, could be wrong, they were £3.99. There is a label which read ‘Jackie R’, and I can’t find any information online about this name/brand. I’m also obsessed with the wooden button at the front.
I’ve styled them very simply, with just a knitted black roll neck I brought from a Saint Luke’s Hospice for £1. There’s no label on that one.

blog post mom jean 4

love this blog post

  1. explore the ‘jean’ boundaries
  2. pick floral print mom jeans
  3. piece them together with a simple roll neck

trouser. thrifted – £3.99
knitted roll neck. thrifted – £1


laura blastock illustration 14.03.2016

An illustration of Lydia Newman wearing thrifted floral mom jeans.
Make-up. Lydia Newman
Photographer. Zoltan Varga
On shoot stylist. Tomasz Kazmierczak



Some say old fashioned, I say feminine

Wearing a skirt above the knee and its ‘way too short’, wearing a skirt below the knee and it’s ‘old fashioned’, so maybe we should just pick one because it seems that either way has a pretty negative outcome, right? So this is where I say ‘wrong’ and I do 100% believe this is wrong but even men are beginning to wear garments that replicate skirts, so why can’t we wear the length we want?

Some say old fashioned, I say feminine…
People give there old clothes to charity shops and 2nd hand stores, although young people do tend to have the odd spring clean, the majority of those that give are of an older generation. That being said some clothes could be seen as ‘old fashioned or traditional’, but they could be paired with garments that make the outfit feminine and fierce.

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blog post 8.03.216

Emma is wearing a mid length cord red skirt, I picked this one up from a charity shop in Salisbury in England, it cost me £4.
I took my own advice from my last post and choose 2 clashing prints to finish this outfit. The striped shirt I brought for £3.99, and the leopard print jacket was a gift from my friend Keighley who picked it up for £6, both found in charity shops.

blog post 8.03.2016 2

blog post 8.03.20163

  1. pick feminine red mid skirt
  2. style it with clashing prints

Skirt. thrifted – £4
Shirt. thrifted – £3.99 (label reads h&m)
Jacket. thrifted – £6 (label reads h&m)

blog post illustration2

An illustration of Emma Fredskild Green wearing thifted skirt, shirt and jacket.
Make-up. Lydia Newman
Photographer. Zoltan Varga
On shoot stylist. Roseanna Ware
Support. Mary 😉


Clashing Colours

Apparently ‘blue and green should never be seen’, ‘red and pink just don’t get on’ and funnily enough my mum just loves to remind me that ‘brown isn’t the new black, it doesn’t go with everything.’ Well tell me, are these phrases printed in a gold plated book embossed with the words ‘Fashion Bible’ on the front… No they aren’t, so if you love your bright red claws you had done yesterday then throw on that bubblegum pink spring duster jacket that you adore just as much.

Clashing colours…
In my last post I spoke about how 2nd hand stores are amazing for picking up vintage bargains. That being said, garments from many previous fashion decades are full of colour and print, so mix it up a little and bring them all together.

Shall we play a game? We’ll start off simple… head down to your local British Heart Foundation, close you’re eyes and run your hands along a small section of the t-shirt rail, pick one item, do the same with the jackets or the scarfs or the skirts, put them together and see what happens. Could be a bit like marmite, you’ll either love it or hate it.

blog post 01.03.03 4444

blog post 01.03.16 3

Emma is wearing a long sleeve 1940’s style dress, that seems to be homemade. This can be told by the stitching, the lack of lining and there is no label. I picked it up from one of Plymouth’s many Saint Luke’s Hospice for £1.
I’ve styled this scarlet red with a bright royal blue women’s blazer, unfortunately the label only specifies what fabric and country it was made, but that just gives your garments mystery. Got this one from the same Saint Luke’s Hospice for again, £1.

blog post 01.03.16 2

  1. Pick bright red 1940’s style dress.
  2. Style it with clashing bright colour, royal blue blazer.
  3. Throw in a pastel yellow tea pot for love.

Dress. Thrifted – £1
Blazer. Thrifted – £1

blog post illustration

Illustration, Laura Blastock, 01/03/2016

An illustration of Emma Fredskild Green wearing thrifted dress and blazer.
Make-up. Lydia Newman
Photographer. Zoltan Varga
On shoot stylist. Roseanna Ware
Support. Mary 😉






It was acceptable in the 80’s

I’m a part time waitress, in a stupid amount of debt, begging the fashion industry to take 5 precious seconds and have a look at my CV. That said, it can get very hard to keep on top of wearing the latest trends, however I am here to tell you that when you don’t have any money you can use a little trick that will start you obsessing over charity shopping.

It was acceptable in the 80’s…
Charity shops, vintage stores, car-boot sales and flea markets are full of clothes from all decades of fashion, i mean the definition of vintage literally is ‘denoting something from the PAST of high quality.’ Fashion trends are a cycle that always comes back around so why not bring them back round a little early.

When your rummaging through the rails, you see something interesting and you have to Google the name on the label, well you’ve spotted a winner. More than likely this garment is from a past trend, so be brave… bring it back!

blog post 2 80's blog post 3 (possible)

This jumper is from a 1985 Cinezano Designer Collection and I bagged it from my local cancer research shop for just £1.

blog post 2 80's ..

  1. Purchase 80’s style coloured jumper.
  2. Lay 80’s jumper over the top of mum style dungarees
  3. Keep watching this space for posts about mum style dungarees

Jumper. Thrifted – £1
Dungarees. Thrifted – East End Thrift Store, fill a bag for £10 (facebook search ‘East End Thrift Store’)


Illustration, Laura Blastock, 26/02/2016

An illustration of Emma Fredskild Green in thrifted jumper and dungarees.
Makeup. Lydia Newman
Photographer. Zoltan Varga
On shoot stylist. Roseanna Ware
Support: Mary Joyce 😉


Don’t be afraid to go up a dress size or 3

Shopping for bargains in charity shops is all about having an open mind, and no you don’t have to have a degree in fashion design to make simple changes and style cute outfits.
No one person can ‘teach’ another how to charity shop, or buy 2nd hand clothing but there are many tricks some of which I can’t wait to spill.

Don’t be afraid to go up a dress size or 3…
When you enter the doors of your local Saint Luke’s Hospice make sure you flick through every rail and rummage on every shelf, do not, I repeat, DO NOT just stick to the rail marked with your size.

This jumpsuit is a maternity jumpsuit but I loved the colours and for £1 who was going to say NO! I wore the garment, did an estimate pinch of the fabric on either side of my waist and stitched a straight line making sure the stitching finished into the seam. Perfect, the excess fabric has been sealed.

new blog post 2016 (emma, zoltan3)

  1. Purchase an massively over-sized jumpsuit.
  2. Fix massively over-sized jumpsuit with some easy stitching.
  3. Style it with clashing prints!

new blog post 2016 (emma, zoltan)

Jumpsuit: Thrifted – £1
Leopard shirt: Gift.


Laura Blastock. Illustration, 22/02/2016

An illustration of the beautiful Emma Fredskild Green in the recycled jumpsuit.