A day in the life of a journalist …


We had a really interesting speaker talk to us about his experience as a journalist. Derek works for BBC radio, more specifically Newsbeat, who have 15 minutes to explain the whole of the day’s news to the young people of Britain. I took this opportunity to ask Derek and few questions about his day.
Where and what did Derek study?
Derek went to City University, Islington, London. There is studied a post grad course in Journalism. He studied for 4 years and then took a year out to get some work experience.
What was his first job?
Derek started working for his local radio station in 1999. Here he was labelled The Editor of News! (oh fancy), this meant he decided what news aired.
Who has he worked for/with?
Derek has always been in radio, he has worked for Skyradio, where he did freelance work. London Wide Talk, a 24 hour news station, and now Derek works for Newsbeat at the BBC.
How does he communicate with other professionals working alongside him?
Derek tells us how his day starts as soon as he wakes up. 6am he goes hunting for stories, he uses Twitter, Facebook, the internet etc. At 10 past 8 every morning the work team get together and have a meeting, where they choose the stories to be broadcasted, and the stories to be presented on the website. Once the sources are found, the journalists are sent to discover the heat of the stories.
What does he enjoy the most?
Derek loves meeting new people, he loves being enthusiastic and positive. ‘Creativity is core.’ However, he dislikes the hours but he knows it comes with the job.
Derek provided us 2nd years with some important information I’d never thought about becoming a journalist before, but apparently a blogger is a type of journalist, well who knows who Laura Blastock will be in 10 years’ time.


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